Accelerated Decay mini
Accelerated Decay

Accelerated Decay (Promo, #9) is a Legendary Martial Attack card with 3 Attack and 6 Shield.

Card Effect

For the next three turns, whenever your opponent plays a threat, they Deplete 3.

Card Description

Trebuchet's mother always told him that candy would rot his teeth. Unfortunately, the good lady never had the foresight to warn him that it might also smash the rest of his teeth down his throat whilst trying to steal the gold one. But at least his dentist will be happy...

How to Obtain

Basic Packs

Advanced Packs
Honor Red x Cosmic Red x
Glory Red x Prestige Red x
Draft Exclusive Red x Draft Red x
Win From Battle Only Red x Specific Crafting Red x
Issue: N/A Forge Section: N/A
Enemy: N/A Materials:


This card could only be found inside Pumpkin Bucket.

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