387 afterimage token
Afterimage Token

Afterimage Token (Tempus, #0) is a Common Ally card with 4 Attack and 1 Shield.

Card Effect

Search your deck for a copy of Step for Step and play it.

Card Description

As a freshman, Simon Presser was one of our brightest prospects. Now, as he approaches his graduation and we see what kind of Emergent will walk out of the school gates and take his place in the world, he hasn't disappointed us.

I must confess, I'd harbored a secret hope that Simon would gravitate towards the role of Firesculptor when the time came to assess his impressive and varied powers, and select his specialty. I know my colleagues each held similar wishes for their own departments. The look of pleasure and pride on Billy's face, when he walked into the faculty lounge and told us that the young man had become a Non-Stop, really summed up the esteem in which Simon's always been held.

His favored power, the one which suited him so well to my friend's tutelage, has also given him his alias -- as is so often the case. When he teleports short distances, he doesn't just disappear like Billy does. He leaves an image of himself behind instead, which causes no small amount of confusion among his opponents."

-- Professor Helios

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