583 between the lines
583 between the lines

Between the Lines (Vengeance, #105) is an Epic Tactical Attack card with 3 Attack and 5 Shield. It has the PsychReflex, and Sculpting badges.

Card Effect

Shuffle an Event from your banish pile into your deck.

Banish Between the Lines.

Delay: Recover 2 Mementos and 2 Allies.

For the rest of the battle, Allies you play gain +2 shield.

Card Description

"His name isn't written here," The Chronarchivist said. "Phaeton isn't present at this moment in the timeline."

"He has to be! The Sun Steeds... They were his! I know his sculpting as well as I know my own. Phaeton's alive!"

Miniscule suns blazed in Professor Helios' eyes. Desperation trembled in every line of his face. And for all her vast knowledge of the universe and its peoples, The Chronarchivist couldn't have said which he truly yearned to hear -- that his son lived, or that he was dead. Perhaps Helios didn't know either.

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