Billy Stopless
Billy Stopless

Billy Stopless (Genesis, #199) is a Legendary Ally card with 5 Attack and 1 Shield.

Card Effect

Shuffle a copy of Billy Stopless into your deck.

This card's damage is unstoppable.

When Billy Stopless is depleted, banish it. For the next 2 turns, play an additional attack.

Card Description

"No, of course not! Does 'Stopless' sound like a real name? It is not very Russian! Now Zaytsev... That is a good Russian name. William Zaytsev. But do not tell anyone! Secret identity! I was a Soviet test pilot and a cosmonaut during the Cold War. Doing my duty like a good son of Mother Russia. I broke the sound barrier. And then the sound barrier broke me.

Behind you! See, that is my arm. It is a good power, yes? I can run through holes in time and space. Or stick my boot through one if I want to talk to someone's face and kick them in the butt at the same time. But that is not the best part! Watch this!

And now we are here! I brought you with me. I can do it with vehicles too! This is how I got The Genesis Squadron into space, back in the '80s when we had bad hair and an alien attack. We came out right behind their defenses. Good powers for saving the world. And for playing practical jokes!

So, maybe you train with me and my Non-Stops? You can find us in The Locked Rooms. But you have to move like we do to get inside. There are no doors or windows. We save a fortune on heating bills! And be careful -- if you are in there, you might find one of my pop quizzes!"

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