332 billy stopless genesis
Billy Stopless Genesis

Billy Stopless: Genesis (Tempus, #55) is an Epic Ally card with 3 Attack and 1 Shield.

Card Effect

Billy Stopless: Genesis is unstoppable.

Billy Stopless: Genesis is a critical strike.

On deplete, for the next 3 turns your Reflex badged threats deal +1 damage.

Card Description

No man can outrun time. Not even Billy Stopless, though he'd at least make a good contest of it. There's silver at his temples now, and lines on his face that make some of his more juvenile jests seem rather improper in a man of his years.

But the merry smile on his lips and the good-humored twinkle in his eyes are the same as they've always been. If you're truly only as old as you feel, Billy will be in the 90's forever.

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