Backhand (Genesis, #176) is an Uncommon Ally card with 0 Attack and 2 Shield.

Card Effect

When Bookworm is depleted, shuffle a random Tactical Attack from your depletion pile into your deck.

Card Description

Aaron Peterson couldn't be more different from his brother, Bantam. From the time he first learned to read to the present day, he's always been happiest with a book in his hands. His literary tastes are omnivorous. As a boy he would devour anything which seemed to possess the slightest worth -- from Homeric epics to treatises on molecular biology. Today he focusses on occult manuscripts found within the darkest corners of Perdition.

How to Obtain

Basic Packs

Advanced Packs
Honor Yellow question Cosmic Yellow question
Glory Green check Prestige Yellow question
Draft Exclusive Red x Draft Yellow question
Win From Battle Only Yellow question Specific Crafting Yellow question
Issue: N/A Forge Section: N/A
Enemy: N/A Materials:


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