379 bookworm the whom
Bookworm The Whom

Bookworm: The Whom (Tempus, #89) is an Epic Ally card with 2 Attack and 2 Shield.

Card Effect

LoH ReflexBadge
Bookworm: The Whom is unstoppable.
LoH PsychBadge
Lv5: Search your deck for a copy of Bantam: The Whomand play it. It deals +4 damage.

Card Description

Shortly before their graduation, Bookworm, Bantam, Beacon, and The Accelerant agreed that they'd form a team and fight crime together. That meant hard training, and making sure they fought in perfect harmony without help from outsiders. But it meant something else as well: coming up with a catchy name. Image is important, and they knew that no one would take them seriously if they went with something trashy and tacky. A team who battled corporate criminals under the name 'Bling Busters', for example -- one of Bantam's suggestions -- would likely be escorted off the premises when they tried to speak with a suspect.

Bookworm arrived at the brainstorming meeting armed with almost a hundred great names, many of them in Latin. So when the others outvoted him and chose 'The Whom', he was somewhat disappointed. Apart from anything else, his scholarly mind almost exploded when he considered the grammar involved. But Aaron Peterson learned long ago to put up with such setbacks. After all, he grew up having to deal with his brother's often infuriating quirks. So he accepted the grammatically dubious mantle, and went to work alongside his teammates -- putting his intellect and impressive research skills to work in the war against corruption and white-collar law-breaking.

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