Name: Bethany Race: Human (Tor'gyyl)
Group: independent Signature power: Magic
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Bethany shields her friends from drake's acidic breath

621 water conjuring

Bethany conjuers powerful magic

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Bethany and Chronarchivist

Bethany, is a character in Legacy of Heroes game, a powerful sorceress living in Tor'gyyl - world from distant past.

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Bethany and Chronarchivist Edit

Bethany is a Chronarchivist's ally and friend. When Chronarchivist brought Cornerstone, Johnny Tinker and Crimson Tiger to West Kruna Bethany aided them in their quest of finding missing Coax.

Those who knew Bethany in West Kruna would have been shocked to see the warmth on her face when she embraced The Chronarchivist. To them the sorceress was an arrogant woman, with a sharp tongue that was as devastating as her most potent spells. Yet she spoke words of sincere friendship to the Chronarch. -- from Long Time not See

Quotes Edit

"I've heard that their meat is quite appetizing if consumed with the correct melange of spices." -- Bethany about the Worms
"Skeletons!" Johnny Tinker said.
"No," Bethany said. She rolled her eyes. "Haven't you ever battled the undead before?"
"Oh? And what did your last servant die of?" -- Cornerstone
"Disobedience." -- Bethany

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Gallio from Marvel comics Edit

SelenePowerful sorceress from the time "After the Oceans swallowed Atlantis" and "Before the rise of the sons of Aryas". Bethany is sharing with Selene not only magical abilities but also looks and the fact of originating from the past times.

Cards Edit

Bethany on different cards.

Bethany Secret Keeper

More info about Bethany Edit

Bethany icon

- Bethany's history and background.
- Cards featuring Bethany on their illustrations.

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