Name: Sally Sandstrom Race: Human
Group: Drama Club Signature power: Manifesting somebody's worst nightmare
380 coax

Coax emerges

Sally Sandstrom is a character in Legacy of Heroes game, a masked heroine known as the Coax.


Sally Sandstrom's fresh-faced eagerness hasn't diminished over the years. She remains as keen as ever to learn from The Phaeton Project's professors and impress them with her dedication and determination. But her powers have emerged and developed in rather remarkable ways.

Powers & abilitiesEdit

She's become one of his most powerful Acolytes, and possesses the unique ability -- which even The Abyss himself can't match -- to reach into people's minds and make their greatest dreams or darkest nightmares take shape before them.

History Edit

Eager Freshman-image

Early days at Phaeton Project

It's hardly unexpected for a teenager to get excited when she starts developing superpowers. But unlike most Emergents, for Sally Sandstorm it wasn't dreams of fame and power which thrilled her -- it was the though of getting to learn from the great men and women who make up the Phaeton Project's faculty. During these days she earned herself a nickname - Eager Freshman.

Moxie once expected Sally to become a Strongharm, and perhaps replace Bantam as her best student. Instead, the now upperclassman found a greater affinity with The Abyss.

Drama Club Edit

Hard Choices mini

Leaving the Drama Club?

In the guise of Coax, part of The Drama Club alongside Simon Presser and Jimmy Brunden, she's made criminals stop in the middle of the street, their loot in their arms, and gawk in wonder at one of her creations. She's made others fall to their knees and scream until they lost their voices or their minds.

Absolution Edit

During the Absolution along with her Drama Club friends she took Zeroth's side battling Pesticide and other Absolute Zeroth's allies.

Back IssuesEdit


Crisis in KrunaEdit


Quotes Edit

"Sally's powers are remarkable and, If I'm to be completely honest, terrifying. She can draw a person's innermost fear from their mind... That's why I've never sparred with her. There are some things in my head which should remain locked away there." -- professor Helios

"Before, you were old enough to be my dad. But now... you're kind of cute. If you ever want to do something more than stare when you think I'm not looking, give me a call." -- Coax to Young Zeroth

@Socranx: @Z03MG You interested in Zeroth like the other girls? Coax has got the looks, but you have the edge. Remember his power?
@Z03MG: @Socranx Coax has the looks? WTH? I'll blast you!

Trivia Edit

Similar characters from other series Edit

Rachel Roth - Raven
Raven from Teen Titans

A dark, moody character, Raven is the half-breed daughter of a human mother named Angela Roth and the demon overlord Emperor Trigon. Raven was born and raised in the pacifistic reality called Azarath after her mother ran away from home, which was possibly in Gotham City, and joined a cult, where she was raped by Trigon.

Trauma from Marvel Universe

Trauma can shape-shift into anything that his target fears. When he shape-shifts, he gains the physical stats of whatever or whoever he becomes; when he became Thor and Juggernaut for instance, he was shown to be about as strong as the real one would be.

Ms Marvel
Ms. Marvel from Avengers

Ms. Marvel's outfit and physical appearance are very similar to Coaxe's.

Cards Edit

Sally Sandstrom on different cards.

More info about Sally Sandstrom Edit

Coax Icon

- Sally Sandstrome's history and background.
- Cards featuring Coax on their illustrations.
- Cards featuring Eager Freshman on their illustrations.

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