567 chronarchivist meanwhile squadron
567 chronarchivist meanwhile squadron

Chronarchivist: Meanwhile (Vengeance, #103) is a Legendary Ally card with 4 Attack and 6 Shield. It has the PsychReflex, and Sculpting badges.

Card Effect

Delay: Shuffle a copy of Chronarchivist: Meanwhile into your deck.

If Chronarchivist: Meanwhile is discarded your next Ally does double damage.

Ongoing: Allies you play have a +25% chance to be unstoppable and a +25% chance to deal +2 damage.

Card Description

In the distant reaches of temporal and spatial existence sit the three Chronarchs. They gaze out upon the great ocean of time as its rivers rush through the universes, bearing past into present and present into future. If the flow is ever disrupted, they act -- and thus determine the fate of untold trillions.

Perhaps an inkling of their nature has crept into the collective unconscious of the many thousands of sentient species they observe, and shaped their myths. Or is it mere coincidence that ancient peoples spoke of the three Fates?

When the Chronarchs sensed a disturbance taking place on Earth, during the twentieth century, one of their number -- The Chronarchivist -- traveled there to investigate. She discovered that the timeline had been disrupted, by the series of events which led to the rise of Emergents.

The Chronarchivist considered 'repairing' the time-stream. In doing so, she would have undone the Emergents' creation and hurled them into the void of inexistence. But during her research on Earth she had developed something of an affinity for their kind. Thus she instead ruled their timeline valid, and allowed it to continue.

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