628 Chronarchivist wizard
628 Chronarchivist wizard

Chronarchivist: Wizard (Crisis, #31) is an Epic Ally card with 2 Attack and 3 Shield. It has the PsychReflex, and Sculpting badges.

Card Effect

Chronarchivist: Wizard deals +1 for each event in your banished pile.

Delay: Shuffle 2 copies of Time Out into your deck.

On Deplete, the next event you play deals +20 damage.

Card Description

Chronarchivist has been around the universe long enough to know how to blend into any surroundings in which she finds herself. On Earth she wears a nice dress in the style of her favorite Terran decade. When she visits Capek Major she likes to masquerade as a quirky android. Here in West Kruna she chooses to adopt the enchantress look.

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