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Coax (Tempus, #90) is a Legendary Ally card with 0 Attack and 5 Shield.

Card Effect

Your opponent depletes 4.

If your opponent has an Ally in their depletion pile, Recover 4.

If your opponent has a Memento in their depletion pile, they Banish 2.

If Coax would be depleted, deplete another card instead.

Card Description

Sally Sandstrom's fresh-faced eagerness hasn't diminished over the years. She remains as keen as ever to learn from The Phaeton Project's professors and impress them with her dedication and determination. But her powers have emerged and developed in rather remarkable ways.

Moxie once expected Sally to become a StrongHarm, and perhaps replace Bantam as her best student. Instead, the now upperclassman found a greater affinity with The Abyss. She's become one of his most powerful acolytes, and possesses the unique ability -- which even The Abyss himself can't match -- to reach into people's minds and make their greatest dreams or darkest nightmares take shape before them.

In the guise of Coax, part of The Drama Club alongside Simon Presser and Jimmy Brunden, she's made criminals stop in the middle of the street, their loot in their arms, and gawk in wonder at one of her creations. She's made others fall to their knees and scream until they lost their voices or their minds.

More info about Sally Sandstrom Edit

Coax Icon

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