I14 page11 panel3
I14 page11 panel3

Coax: Distressed Damsel (7, #38) is a Legendary Ally card with 3 Attack and 6 Shield. It has the Psych and Sculpting badges.

Card Effect

If you play or discard Coax: Distressed Damsel shuffle a Mind Worms into your opponent's deck.

You have a 70% chance to shuffle a copy of Coax: Distressed Damsel into your deck.

Ongoing: At the beginning of your turn shuffle this card into your deck.

Card Description

"Sally!" you said. "We're here to save you!"

"Save me?"

Her eyes narrowed.

"You idiot! Do I look like I need saving?"

For a moment you considered mentioning that centuries of art and literature would indeed have given one that impression. But the fury in her eyes dissuaded you.

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