330 codename sidekick
Codename Sidekick

Codename: Sidekick (Tempus, #53) is a Rare Ally card with 1 Attack and 4 Shield.

Card Effect

If you have at least 1 Tactical Attack in your depletion pile, gain 1 willpower counter.

If your opponent has at least 1 Martial Attack in their depletion pile, gain 1 willpower counter.

If Codename: Soldier is in your deck, gain 1 willpower counter.

Card Description

Codename: Sidekick is a fellow alumnus of the same procedure which gave Codename: Soldier his abilities. Hence, when the project was scrapped, and the two of them were left as weapons without a war to fight, they decided to work together in their new roles as vigilantes. If they couldn't keep America safe from foreign enemies, at least they could keep decent people safe on her streets.

Though the two men were very different -- Sidekick cocky and smart-mouthed, Soldier serious and subdued-- they made an impressive team. Whether it was because they'd been through the enhancement process together and thus understood each other's capabilities, or because they simply had a natural affinity that went beyond that, they fought as a well-oiled machine. If Sidekick set an attack up, even improvised in the heat of battle, Soldier would be there to capitalize on it. And vice versa. They thought as one.

They still think as one now, albeit in more tragic circumstances -- as The Form and The Function.==How to Obtain==

Basic Packs

Advanced Packs
Honor Yellow question Cosmic Yellow question
Glory Green check Prestige Green check
Draft Exclusive Red x Draft Yellow question
Win From Battle Only Yellow question Specific Crafting Yellow question
Issue: N/A Forge Section: N/A
Enemy: N/A Materials:


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