568 codename sidekick meanwhile squadron
568 codename sidekick meanwhile squadron

Codename Sidekick: Meanwhile (Vengeance, #100) is an Epic Ally card with 6 Attack and 3 Shield. It has the Psych and Reflex badges.

Card Effect

When Codename Sidekick: Meanwhile is discarded the next attack played against you deals no damage.

Ongoing: threats you play have a +20% chance to be critical strikes.

Card Description

"For a man whose name designates his inferior status, Codename: Sidekick thinks very highly of himself. He acts like an arrogant, cocky, flamboyant fool. But I'm convinced that's all it is: an act. He's more intelligent, more tactical than he lets on. And that smart mouth of his hides a loyalty to friend and country that could be very useful..." -- Aloysius Zeroth's audio logs

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