569 codename soldier meanwhile squadron
569 codename soldier meanwhile squadron

Codename Soldier: Meanwhile (Vengeance, #101) is an Epic Ally card with 4 Attack and 4 Shield. It has the Power and Reflex badges.

Card Effect

For the rest of the battle, Meanwhile Squadron Allies you play deal +1 damage.

Discard your hand, if you discarded 1 card your opponent banishes 1 Ally and you recover 1 Meanwhile Squadron Ally. If you discarded 2 cards Codename Soldier: Meanwhile deals +4 damage.

Card Description

"Soldier appears calm, thoughtful, and disciplined. A perfect counterbalance for his partner. But I'm not convinced he's as psychologically stable as he seems. The way he throws himself into danger goes beyond courage. If I were his therapist, I'd say he was so determined to fight the Soviet Union that the project's failure has left him with a subconscious self-destructive streak. Since I'm not a therapist, I'm going to think about how best to make use of this..." -- Aloysius Zeroth's audio logs

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