381 cornerstone

Cornerstone (Tempus, #91) is an Epic Ally card with 3 Attack and 3 Shield.

Card Effect

The next threat you play deals +4 damage.

The next threat you play gives you +4 shield, if you would gain shield.

Card Description

Jimmy Brunden is no longer the nervous kid who fought %name% on %his% first day at The Phaeton Project and took a beating. Now he's no one's stepping stone, and he's smashed his old fears into a million little pieces.

The once shy freshman, now perhaps the most confident upperclassman in the school, has earned his teachers' praise for both his sculpting and his brute force fighting skills. Even Moxie, who used to roll her eyes at his timidity, holds him up as an example to younger students.

This change in Jimmy's fortunes came when he developed his signature power: transforming into a massive limestone monster, whose fists can shift into a wide variety of blunt-force-trauma-inflicting shapes. No one ever tried to bully him after that, and his fellow Drama Club members were keen to have him act as their team's muscle.

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