Daddy-O (Mastermind set, #243) is a Common Ally card with 3 Attack and 0 Shield. It has the MastermindPowerPsychReflex, and Sculpting badges.

Card Effect

For each O-Bot in your deck, Daddy-O deals +1 damage.

If Daddy-O would be depleted, deplete an O-Bot instead.

Card Description

It's still a matter of debate as to whether Daniel Kroll was a true believer or merely a conman when he first set himself up as a cult leader -- claiming to be the messiah chosen to lead his flock to eternal bliss. But either way, he was sincere enough after he lost his mind. Kroll, whom the media dubbed 'Daddy-O', went from being an annoying madman to a dangerous lunatic. He urged his followers to preach for him, then steal for him, and finally to kill for him. Nor was he content to do murder through their hands alone. He took center stage in the horrific serial killings that shocked the nation.

Daddy-O was finally taken down after he kidnapped Devastatrix's sister, bringing about the formation of The Upstarts and thus his own defeat at the hands of the team. But his evil wasn't destined to end there.

In prison his Emergent powers became active, granting him the ability to transfer his consciousness into machines. He escaped as easily as if they'd left the door open -- slipping out of his flesh and making his getaway, leaving his old body behind. To this day it lies comatose in the prison infirmary, in spite of the many campaigners who call for him to be allowed to "die with indignity".

Kroll sculpted a new body from heavy machinery and weapons, turning himself into an engine of destruction. This is but the center of his web, however. He also built an army of smaller Daddy-O Bots, which he can take direct control of as will. And if this didn't make him dangerous enough, he discovered that he can control human beings as well -- as long as he can trick them into ingesting nanite machines which he's able to impart with his consciousness.

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