637 daddy-o longlegs
637 daddy-o longlegs

Daddy-O: Longlegs (Mastermind set) is a Common Ally card with 5 Attack and 5 Shield. It has the PowerPsychReflex, and Sculpting badges.

Card Effect

For the rest of the battle whenever you play a Henchmen each opponent depletes 1 and you recover 1.

Play a random Henchmen from your deck.

Delay: Recover 4 Henchmen.

Survivor 25: Daddy-O: Longlegs deals +1 damage for each Henchmen in your depletion pile.

Survivor 40: Play an additional 2 threats this turn.

Card Description

A single sliver of technology... That's all Daddy-O has ever needed to spread his influence and wreak havoc.

It's been years since he attacked The Phaeton Project and bound young Sally Sandstrom to his will. Back then she was among the least of his conquests, little more than a child compared with the powerful Emergents of the faculty whom he'd wielded as weapons. Coax herself would scarcely recognize her past self, let alone dream that her long ago moment of weakness could ever scratch the surface of the abilities now at her command.

But a nanite remained inside her, one miniscule machine. Enough to give Daddy-O a foothold in the dark dreaming Emergent. And when it met Tor'gyyl's magic, when its alien presence was cast out of her, it found a new host in West Kruna's flora.

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