Devastatrix (Genesis, #198) is an Epic Ally card with 2 Attack and 0 Shield. It has the Power and Sculpting badges.

Card Effect

If there are no Upstarts other than Devastatrix in your deck, play a random Martial Attack from your depletion pile and banish it, then play a random Tactical Attack from your depletion pile and banish it.

Card Description

Valeria Solano's looks and outfit may make her the fantasy of most of Culverton's criminals, but few of them relish encountering her in the flesh. The experience tends to be far too painful.

She can sculpt fire and ice, creating anything from these two elements -- including the ice-sculpted battle axe with which she administers the beatdowns that more than justify the name Devastatrix.

These powers emerged during the Daddy-O case, after that crazed killer abducted her baby sister. Devastatrix was about to tear the city apart looking for her, when The Crime Blotter showed up and promised to help find the missing girl. The two of them succeeded in saving Valeria's sister, and afterwards they became romantically involved. This relationship, or rather the subsequent breakup, is what led to the dissolution of The Upstarts.

Though she still battles crime, Devastatrix's main role in life is acting as commissioner of the EFL. She wants to give troubled young Emergents a good outlet for their powers, a way to save them from a life of crime.

More info about DevastatrixEdit

Devastatrix - avatar

- Devastatrix's history and background.
- Cards featuring Devastatrix on their illustrations.
- Other members of the Upstarts: Crime Blotter, Southside Sentry, Shimmerstorm

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