Devastatrix - Upstart

Devastatrix: Upstart (Tempus, #24) is a Rare Ally card with 4 Attack and 3 Shield. It has the Power and Sculpting badges.

Card Effect

For each Upstart in your depletion pile, deal +1 damage.

Card Description

It's hard to believe that Valeria Solano, the warrior queen of the Emergent Fighting League, was ever an innocent young woman. And yet here she is, a girl in love -- perhaps still believing deep in her heart that things will work out between her and the The Crime Blotter, not yet ready to accept the truth of his infidelity.

More info about DevastatrixEdit

Devastatrix - avatar

- Devastatrix's history and background.
- Cards featuring Devastatrix on their illustrations.
- Other members of the Upstarts: Crime Blotter, Southside Sentry, Shimmerstorm

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