345 dr tessera
Dr. Tessera

Dr. Tessera (Mastermind set) is a Common Ally card with 3 Attack and 0 Shield.

Card Effect

Search your deck for 3 copies of The T-Generates and play them.

On deplete, shuffle a copy of The T-Generates into your deck.

Card Description

Aloysius Zeroth made billions from his genius. And part of that genius has always been the ability to spot talent and make use of it. This trait led to the creation of The Genesis Squadron. But it also spawned the bestial form of Dr. Tessera.

Tessera was a brilliant geneticist. Her work had gone unnoticed by the world at large, since its complex and erudite nature made it unsuitable for popular science reportage. But Zeroth came across one of her papers in an obscure academic journal, and was captivated by the possibilities. He hired her, and put her to work on a project which he believed was of existential value to humanity.

But while great minds might sometimes think alike, and achieve even greater things when united by the same purpose, they can also clash -- driven into rivalry, hostility, and hatred by the impact of antagonistic visions and philosophies. So it was between Zeroth and Tessera. She left his employ, but she didn't abandon the avenues of research the opportunity had opened up for her.

The world at large may not have noticed or cared about Dr. Tessera's earlier scientific endeavors. But when she revealed herself in her new body, as a chimera -- part human, part gorilla, part tiger, and part shark -- the newspaper ink and videotape flowed.

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