NPC Tessera

5 players

Unlocked after defeating Dr. Tessera
in Issue #8: Emergent Behavior

Normal Crisis
Deck Size
? 102
LoH PsychBadge Acolyte Psych
? 8
LoH MastermindBadge Villain Mastermind
? 7
LoH PowerBadge Firesculptor Power
? 7
LoH PowerBadge Non-stop Power
? 9
LoH PsychBadge Strongharm Psych
? 8
Energy Required
50 100
Bucks and Experience gained
900 Bucks and 80 xp 1800 Bucks and 160 xp
Craft Drop

Flaming Hoplite Statue -> Fanning the Flames

Card and Item Drops

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