629 ember hawk
629 ember hawk

Ember Hawk (Crisis, #32) is an Epic Ally card with 1 Attack and 4 Shield. It has the Sculpting badge.

Card Effect

Your opponent gains a Damage Counter.

Recover 3 Sculpting badged attacks.

While Ember Hawk is in your deck, whenever you play a threat your opponent has a 8% chance to banish an Event.

Card Description

During his days at The Phaeton Project, Professor Helios is surrounded by friends and students. But when he retires to his home at night, he's alone -- without even a pet to keep him company save for those he sculpts out of fire.

Though they'd never willingly wound him by saying it to his face, his comrades in The Genesis Squadron believe that his son's death has left him afraid of losing anyone or anything he grows close to. So he finds what comfort he can with a flaming bird, one he knows will remain with him until the day he dies.

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