I14 page12 panel3
I14 page12 panel3

Epic Showdown (Mastermind set) is a Common Martial Attack card with 1 Attack and 1 Shield. It has the MastermindPowerPsychReflex, and Sculpting badges.

Card Effect

Play an Ally from your deck.

Play an Ally from your depletion pile.

On deplete, banish Epic Showdown you have a 25% chance to shuffle in a copy of Riftwalker: Sculptor, Riftwalker: Non-Stop, Riftwalker: Acolyte, Riftwalker: Acolyte. (25% chance individually.)

Card Description

Flame and shadow met in an apocalyptic explosion of light and darkness. But despite the amazing spectacle, only one thought filled your mind: It was almost like watching your parents fight...

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