584 exit strategy
584 exit strategy

Exit Strategy (Vengeance, #106) is a Legendary Martial Attack card with 4 Attack and 6 Shield. It has the PowerPsychReflex, and Sculpting badges.

Card Effect

Your opponent gains 1 Damage Counter.

If the next threat your opponent plays would deal you 9 or more damage, prevent it.

If the next threat your opponent plays deals you 5 damage or less, they deplete 10.

Card Description


The word rasped from Helios' half-frozen lips. Not the name he'd given to a newborn boy decades ago, to the child he'd neglected in that strange blend of duty and hubris which has sundered so many fathers and sons over the cruel course of time. No... That name had vanished long ago, burned in the same black and orange flames which had seared Professor Helios' heart. All that was left was the other one. The title that encapsulated a son's bitterness, a father's folly, and terrible destructive power in two dread syllables.

He fell onto his hands and knees, the strength sloughing from his body.

"Helios!" Zeroth yelled. "Damn it! Helios!"

But if the professor heard, he gave no sign. He just stared from bright, wet eyes, as fire and darkness strode towards him.

So Aloysius Zeroth did what he'd done his whole life, both for good and for ill. He took matters into his own hands.

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