479 eye for an eye
Eye for an Eye

Eye for an Eye (Vengeance, #41) is a Rare Martial Attack card with 1 Attack and 2 Shield. It has the Psych and Sculpting badges.

Card Effect

Shuffle a copy of Eye for an Eye into your deck.

LoH SculptingBadge
Lv2: Deal +2 damage.
LoH PsychBadge
20 Lv5: recover 2.

Card Description

Shimmerstorm knows what's at stake. It isn't just her life... She's risked that often enough. It's the past, the present, and the future. The entire chronology and destiny of the human race. Because if Daddy-O takes control of her, there's no telling what havoc he'll cause with her time-slipping powers.

Yes, Shimmerstorm knows what's at stake. That's why she's fighting like a demon, lest unthinkable alternatives come to pass.

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