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I14 page2 panel3

Fire Fly (7, #39) is a Rare Event card with 0 Attack and 0 Shield. It has no badges.

Card Effect

On deplete, +3 Willpower Counters.

Recover 1 Meanwhile Ally.

Animal Allies you play deal +1 damage for the rest of the fight.

Card Description

In times of crisis, people resort to what's instinctive. A boxer lashes out with his fists. A judoka secures a hold. The Mad Confectionist reaches for a bag of explosive gobstoppers.

So when the flaming bird snatched Chronarchivist and carried her aloft, Bethany hurled a spell. It left her fingers a split-second before she realized her mistake.

The creature's grasp was broken... And it released her friend in midair.

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