LoH Cards 247 firerazer

Firerazer (Mastermind set, #247) is a Common Ally card with 3 Attack and 3 Shield.

Card Effect

Your opponent gains 1 Damage Counter.

Card Description

"Always control your powers. Never fall into temptation and allow them to burn unchecked. Otherwise you'll suffer the same fate as Peter Saltalamachia.

He was offered a place here at the Phaeton Project. I saw that he had the potential to become a great Firesculptor, and wanted to ensure that he developed it safely. But he refused. He thought his powers were godlike, and kept his fire burning at all times -- delighting in the roaring inferno that surrounded him. The fool... Our bodies may be able to master the flame for a time and resist its destructive force, but if we let it burn uncurbed it will eventually consume even us. His flesh and organs, even his very skeleton, were incinerated.

Today he exists as pure flame, his consciousness somehow part of the fire even after the immolation of his brain. He's able to maintain a human form only by thrusting himself into a suit of kiln-like armor.

The tale would be tragic enough. But it's made much worse by his actions since then. Saltalamachia wasn't content to destroy his own body. He's now become a villain -- FireRazer -- and uses his powers for criminal pyromania. He hires himself out to fraudsters, offering to burn buildings to the ground so that they can claim insurance money. At other times he simply incinerates things for no reason other than his love of flame, his deranged obsession with the beauty and art of fire.

This madness, this dangerous insanity and depravity, is what happens if you surrender to your powers."

-- Professor Helios

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