Firerazer Freelancer mini
Firerazer Freelancer

Firerazer: Freelancer (Mastermind set) is a Common Ally card with 2 Attack and 6 Shield. It has the Mastermind and Sculpting badges.

Card Effect

Firerazer: Freelancer has a 15% chance to deplete a card for each Tactical Attack in your opponent's deck.

On deplete your opponent banishes a Memento from their deck.

Card Description

"Hey, I got another question," the new Kindling said.
The others sighed.
"What now?" one asked.
"The boss is working for hire, right? Like, he wants to grab this Zeroth kid for the cash?"
"Yeah! What? You think he's some kinda charity?"
"No... It's just... Well, what's a guy like him spend it on?"
"I mean, the boss don't wear nice suits or fancy bling or nothing."
"Of course he doesn't, numbskull! It'd burn right off him!"
"That's what I mean! And he don't spend it on women. Hell, they'd just burn up too! And I bet he don't even got a-"
"Have a what?" asked a growling voice from behind him.
The new Kindling gulped.
"A... a wife?"
"You're right. I don't."
FireRazer began to turn around. But the Kindling, whose mother had always said he was too curious for his own good, couldn't leave it there...
"Hey, Mr. FireRazer?"
The villain paused. His eyes blazed.
"So what do you spend it all on?"
"Asbestos furniture and big TVs. I like to sit on the couch and watch football."
"And how about-"
"I answer one stupid question for each minion. If they ask another, I burn them alive."
"Welcome to the team. Now grab a can of gas and get moving."

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