592 formula for success
592 formula for success

Formula for Success (Vengeance, #112) is an Epic Memento card with 0 Attack and 0 Shield. It has no badges.

Card Effect

At the beginning of your turn, you have a 50% chance to recover 2 and a 50% chance your opponent depletes 2.

Card Description

The Variables' brains were whirling maelstroms, in which streams of mathematical data wove intricate and inscrutable patterns -- too complex and convoluted for even the greatest professors to comprehend. Hence they believed themselves to be masters of the numerical underpinning of the universe.

But Bookworm's mind had been shaped and strengthened by more than mere scholarship. After years of The Abyss' teachings, countless hours spent poring over occult tomes, his conscious and subconscious were filled with concepts that existed well beyond the limitations imposed by letters and numbers.

When The Variables gazed into his glowing red eyes, they met their match. For the dark infinities within their depths were greater than anything they could ever conceive.

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