Gummy Crawlers mini
Gummy Crawlers

Gummy Crawlers (Mastermind set) is a Common Martial Attack card with 4 Attack and 3 Shield.

Card Effect

Banish 3 cards from your opponent's deck.

Banish 4 cards from opponent's depletion pile.

The next threat you play deals +5 damage.

Card Description

The cycle of capitalism is an interesting one. It's no wonder there are so many economists who devote their lives to studying it. For example:

Children spend money on costumes. The store owners take this money and place it in the bank. Meanwhile, adults buy candy -- handing over cash which store owners will likewise take to the bank. After these transactions are completed, the kids use their costumes to obtain the aforementioned candy from the adults.

Then The Mad Confectionist steals the candy from the children, and uses his sculpting powers to rob a bank with it -- thus acquiring all the money the store owners deposited there.

One can't help but feel that Adam Smith is somehow responsible for all this...

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