Head to Head mini
Head to Head

Head to Head (Promo, #13) is an Epic Martial Attack card with 1 Attack and 2 Shield. It has the Power and Reflex badges.

Card Effect

Discard your hand. If you discarded 1 card, Head to Head deals +3 damage. If you discarded 2 cards Head to Head deals an additional +5 damage.

Card Description

"Get lost, Cornerjerk!"

"Or what, you'll tweet something bad about me?"

"OMG! I'm going to blast you and ROFL about it!"

"We're face to face! Stop talking like we're on the internet!"

"Yeah? Well if we were on the internet I'd totally pwn you!"

"That's not even a word!"

"Neither's Cornerstone!"

"What? Yes it is!"

"Oh... You still suck!"

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