Beat Pyrotechnique on normal dificulty to unlock Pyrotechnique (Brawl Boss)

High Noon is the fifth node in Issue #1 - School Daze. It is unlocked by completing Physical Education. Completing this node will unlock the issue Between the Ropes.


Enemy Normal Crisis
Times Energy XP Bucks Times Energy XP Bucks 
Pyrotechnique NPC pyrotechnique 1 15 24 150 1 55 88 550 
Bantam NPC bantam 1 20 32 200 1 40 64 400 
Bookworm NPC bookworm 1 20 32 200 1 40 64 400 
The Accelerant NPC the accelerant 1 20 32 200 1 40 64 400 
The Beacon NPC the beacon 1 20 32 200 1 40 64 400 
Pyrotechnique NPC pyrotechnique 1 60 96 600 1 120 192 1200


Before Pyrotechnique
"We need your help.

One of the upperclassmen has been picking on us." - Shy Freshman 

"The four of us are going to fight him." - Eager Freshman 
"The Professors showed you a thing or two but I am going to teach you all your first real lesson.

Let's see if four freshmen can take on one Upperclassman.

And when you go to report me for bullying, make sure you get my name right... Pyrotechnique." - Pyrotechnique 

After Pyrotechnique
"I didn't realize you had already started developing your skills.

That changes things, meat.

Let's see how tough you are without your friends.

Me and you, after school... mano a twerp. Whether you want to or not." - Pyrotechnique 

Before Bantam
"Not all us upperclassmen are like Pyrotechnique. I'm Bantam.

Why don't I show you some of the moves that have put me at the top of Moxie's class." - Bantam 

After Bantam
"Pretty good! Hopefully you will give me a rematch later.

I can show you the rest of the moves... something tells me you can handle them." - Bantam 

Before Bookworm
"They call me Bookworm and I study under the Abyss.

If there is one thing I have learned about preparing for a fight is thinking about something else keeps your mind clear.

If you can beat me I will tell you the significance of this school being named The Phaeton Project." - Bookworm 

After Bookworm
"My brother Bantam told me you were impressive. A promise is a promise. Phaeton was the name of Professor Helios' only son... and the world's first emergent villain.

Both father and son hid their identities from each other and Phaeton never learned to use his powers.

He threatened to go supernova and could have destroyed the Earth's atmosphere killing every living thing on the planet.

Helios had no choice but to team up with Aloysius Zeroth to obliterate Phaeton in order to save the Earth.

Helios made Zeroth set up an endowment to found the school so that every emergent would have the chance to learn how to use their powers. Crazy, huh?" - Bookworm

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