The Home School is a group of teenage Emergents who use their powers primary for their own amusement. They also tend to cause trouble for local heroes such as The Southside Sentry, who try to curb their youthful misbehavior.

Far from homeEdit

Impressed by Zeroth's acts and owning him a big debt of gratitude for building Maser's suit during Absolute Reckoning the Home School members allied themselves with Aloysius Zeroth battling The Whom.

The Home School have known Aloysius Zeroth her whole life. Like them, he does what he wants and doesn't take crap from anyone. Plus he can rain titanium devastation down from space. Those kinds of things appeal to the headstrong teenager. So his enemies are her enemies...


After the Absolution, when Zeroth became a teenager Home School members decided to protect him from Mercenaries and Freelancers that wanted to kidnap him. Home School also got a new member - Johnny Tinker.

"Saving Zeroth. Lots of people want to kill him. Now he's young, maybe he'll ask me out. #takemesomeplacenice" -- #Z03MG's Twitter feed"

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