Issue 10

Issue #10

Back Issues: Part 1 is the 10th issue, unlocked by defeating the final Zeroth or Absolute Zeroth in Issue #9 - Absolute Reckoning. Defeat Torrent: Freelancer in Freelance Villainy on normal difficulty to unlock Issue #11.

About Edit

Synopsis: After the Absolute Reckoning Young Zeroth without his powers and memories is defenseless. A group of freelancing mercenaries and ex-crimelords was hired to capture and bring him to the mysterious benefactor. Drama Club together with Home School are trying to help Zeroth battle old enemies: Firerazer, Sunder, Torrent and Notch backed up by horder of henchmen: Sunderlings, Kindlings and new Torrent's minions - The 8-Bits.

What's new: This issue introduces new Vengeance set along with new character Johnny Tinker - Zeroth's friend from Genesis times and a new member of Homeshool.


Normal enemies Npc coaxNpc cornerstoneNpc afterimageNPC young zerothNPC makeshiftThe 8-BitsNPC zoemgNPC sunderlingsNPC firerazerNPC maserNPC kindlingsNPC the notchNPC sunder
Locked enemies NPC quickhitNPC torrentNPC pyrotechniqueNPC johnny tinker


Dramatis PersonaeEdit

  • Coax Npc coax
  • Cornerstone Npc cornerstone
  • Afterimage Npc afterimage
  • Young Zeroth NPC young zeroth
  • Quickhit: Protector NPC quickhit

Problems with PixelsEdit

  • Makeshift: Protector NPC makeshift
  • The 8-Bits The 8-Bits
  • Torrent: Freelancer NPC torrent

In Case of FireEdit

  • #ZO3MG: Protector NPC zoemg
  • Sunderlings: For Hire NPC sunderlings
  • Firerazer: Freelancer NPC firerazer
  • Pyrotechnique NPC pyrotechnique

Tinker, Maser, Soldier, SpyEdit

  • The 8-Bits The 8-Bits
  • Maser: Protector NPC maser
  • Kindling: For Hire NPC kindlings
  • Johnny Tinker: Robot Sculptor NPC johnny tinker

Freelance VillainyEdit

  • Firerazer: Freelancer NPC firerazer
  • The Notch NPC the notch
  • Sunder: Freelancer NPC sunder
  • Torrent: Freelancer NPC torrent

Notable LootEdit


  • Common Craft: ?
  • Boss Craft: ?

Boss Card RewardsEdit

  • ?


  • ?


(missing story)

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