Issue 2

Between the Ropes is Issue #2, unlocked by defeating Pyrotechnique in Issue #1 - School Daze. Defeat Devastatrix in Flat On Your Back on normal difficulty to unlock Issue #3 - Welcome to the Jungle.


Normal enemies NPC crimson markNPC dimetrodonNPC diamonoidNPC bearNPC sunderlingsNPC the functionNPC the formNPC devastatrix
Locked enemies NPC devastatrix


X marks the spotEdit

  • Crimson Mark - Round 1 NPC crimson mark
  • Crimson Mark - Round 2 NPC crimson mark
  • Crimson Mark - Round 3 NPC crimson mark

Green with EnvyEdit

  • Dimetrodon - Round 1 NPC dimetrodon
  • Dimetrodon - Round 2 NPC dimetrodon
  • Dimetrodon - Round 3 NPC dimetrodon

Diamonds Are ForeverEdit

  • Diamonoid - Round 1 NPC diamonoid
  • Diamonoid - Round 2 NPC diamonoid
  • Diamonoid - Round 3 NPC diamonoid

Box Office BombshellEdit

  • Grizzly Bear NPC bear
  • Sunderling NPC sunderlings

Two's CompanyEdit

  • The Form and The Function - Round 1NPC the function
  • The Form and The Function - Round 2NPC the form
  • The Form and The Function - Round 3NPC the form

Flat On Your BackEdit

  • Devastatrix - Warm Ups NPC devastatrix
  • Devastatrix - Crunch Time NPC devastatrix
  • Devastatrix NPC devastatrix

Notable LootEdit


Boss Card RewardsEdit

  • Championship Belt


  • ?


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