Issue 3

Welcome to the Jungle is the third issue, unlocked by defeating Devastatrix in Issue #2 - Between the Ropes. Defeat Little Susie Homewrecker in Very Hard To Please on normal difficulty to unlock Issue #4 - Hat's All, Folks!.


Normal enemies NPC dogsNPC sunderlingsNPC crocNPC ratsNPC bearNPC quickhitNPC sentryNPC zoemgNPC maserNPC makeshiftNPC torrentNPC trebuchetNPC the notchNPC kindlings
Locked enemies

NPC trebuchetNPC pesticideNPC lsh


It's Going To Bring You DownEdit

  • Feral Dogs NPC dogs
  • Sunderlings NPC sunderlings
  • Albino Crocs NPC croc
  • Sunderlings NPC sunderlings
  • Trebuchet NPC trebuchet

We Got Your DiseaseEdit

  • Nest of Rats NPC rats
  • Feral Dogs NPC dogs
  • Grizzly Bear NPC bear
  • Albino Croc NPC croc
  • Pesticide NPC pesticide

Everything You WantEdit

  • Quickhit NPC quickhit
  • Southside Sentry NPC sentry
  •  #ZO3MG NPC zoemg
  • Maser NPC maser
  • Makeshift NPC makeshift

Hunger For What You SeeEdit

  • Torrent NPC torrent
  • Trebuchet NPC trebuchet
  • The Notch NPC the notch

Very Hard To PleaseEdit

  • Sunderlings NPC sunderlings
  • Kindlings NPC kindlings
  • Kindlings NPC kindlings
  • Little Susie Homewrecker NPC lsh

Notable LootEdit


Boss Card RewardsEdit

  • ?


  • ?


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