Issue 9.1

Issue #9.1

Trick or Trick is a special issue which is temporary available during the Halloween season, from Oct 25 - Nov 1 2012. In-game, it is considered to be Issue #9.1 under Volume 0. It has no requirements to begin.

After defeating Maser you unlock Mad Confectionist: Treat of Treat (Brawl) (although the game shows "Maser Brawl").


Normal enemies NPC quickhitNPC makeshiftNPC zoemg
Locked enemies NPC maser


Trick or TrickEdit

  • Quickhit NPC quickhit(5 times)
  • Makeshift NPC makeshift(5 times)
  •  #ZO3MG NPC zoemg(5 times)
  • Maser NPC maser(locked,5 times)

Notable LootEdit


  • Common Craft:
  • Boss Craft:

Boss Card RewardsEdit

  • ?


  • ?



"Give me a Sunderling with an acetylene torch or even a Zeroth doppelganger any day of the week.

364 days of the year I can handle that and still deal with these hooligan Home Schoolers.

Normally they are just a nuisance like not having exact change for a bus.

But come Halloween... the tricks... the pranks...

Can you lend me a hand?

I need to go home and take a bubble bath. Maybe eat some ice cream." -- The Southside Sentry


"It appears that my old friend -- sorry I meant "fiend" -- is knocking on doors he shouldn't be again.

While the Home School were busy with pranks, the Mad Confectionist was up to his old tricks.

He's set loose his creepy confections all about town.

To do things that nobody should joke about.

I hate to not answer my door when someone knocks on Halloween.

But I am sure you will have some special treats in store for the candy man." -- Billy Stopless

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