IxNay (Mastermind set) is a Common Ally card with 4 Attack and 1 Shield.

Card Effect

Your next attack is a critical strike.

Card Description

"Xavier Nadal... My prized pupil. Then he turned his back on us. He left the Phaeton Project and became an assassin.

He's never explained his actions. In the underworld they say he's never spoken a word about that or anything else. He's silent, mute. That's why they call him 'IxNay'. Some of them told me he wears a sensory deprivation suit. He can't see or hear anything around him. They wouldn't have lied... Not to me. They wanted to live.

IxNay works for The Hat now. They don't know how The Hat communicates with him. But IxNay does what his master wants. Kills whoever he wants him to kill. He can't see or hear from inside that suit, but he still never misses."

-- The Abyss


  • IxNay is a Pig Latin version of nix. Possibly it's the only Pig Latin phrase to enter common American English besides 'amscray'. IxNay was used widely in "The Three Stooges" shorts, possibly the main source of popularity for the words.
  • Nix is a colloquial form of "nichts" - German word for "nothing".

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