606 join forces
606 join forces

Join Forces (Crisis, #9) is an Epic Martial Attack card with 2 Attack and 4 Shield. It has the PowerPsych, and Reflex badges.

Card Effect

+4 Willpower Counters

If you have 10 or more Willpower Counters recover 7.

If you have 20 or more Willpower Counters the next attack played against you deals no more than 2 damage.

If you have 30 or more Willpower Counters each opponent depletes 10 cards.

If Join Forces is discarded, gain +6 Willpower Counters.

Card Description

Whether you're an Emergent from Earth, a Chronarch from the distant reaches of time and space, or a sorceress from West Kruna, it pays to be flexible. You never know what sort of eclectic allies fate might have you fighting alongside next.

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