440 makeshift
Makeshift Protector

Makeshift: Protector (Vengeance, #27) is an Epic Ally card with 5 Attack and 2 Shield. It has the Psych and Reflex badges.

Card Effect

Your opponent has a 33% chance to banish an Ally, a 33% chance to banish an Event, and a 33% chance to banish a Memento.

While Makeshift: Protector in your deck at the beginning of your turn, you have a 20% chance to recover an attack.

Card Description

Makeshift jokes around a lot. In fact, he lives, moves, and has his being in the playing of pranks. But when things get serious, and the blasts are flying, he's a good friend to have at your side. All he needs to do is grab your arm and pull you into his temporal bubble, then lead you out of danger while your attackers fumble around in slow-motion.

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