I14 page11 panel5
I14 page11 panel5

Mind Worms (7) is a Common Ally card with 0 Attack and 0 Shield. It has no badges.

Card Effect

When Mind Worms is in your deck, at the beginning of your turn you have a 25% chance to deplete 1.

Ongoing: At the beginning of your turn, you have a 75% chance to deplete 1.

Card Description

Sally Sandstrom used to be such a nice girl, you mused. A little full of herself perhaps. And perky to the point of aggravation, especially in the mornings when the rest of you shuffled into class bleary-eyed. But pleasant enough.

Now she was trying to get you devoured by giant worms. That was what happened when young men and women spent too much time studying, instead of tending to their social lives...

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