355 missing each other
Missing Each Other

Missing Each Other (Tempus, #65) is an Epic Martial Attack card with 5 Attack and 1 Shield.

Card Effect

LoH ReflexBadge
Lv3: The next attack played against you deals -2 damage.
LoH ReflexBadge
Lv6: Your opponent depletes 3.
LoH ReflexBadge
Lv10: Play an additional threat this turn.

Card Description

"You control time, and I control space. Clash of the titans! But if you can see the future, you have already seen me win. That must be bad for morale!"

How to Obtain

Basic Packs

Advanced Packs
Honor Red x Cosmic Red x
Glory Red x Prestige Red x
Draft Exclusive Red x Draft Yellow question
Win From Battle Only Red x Specific Crafting Green check
Issue: N/A Forge Section: Mission
Enemy: N/A Materials:

100 Upstarts Photographs

100 Engineered DNA Samples

100 Yin-Yang Domino Masks

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