Most Likely to Succeed mini
Most Likely to Succeed

Most Likely to Succeed (Promo, #17) is an Epic Tactical Attack card with 2 Attack and 3 Shield.

Card Effect

LoH ReflexBadge
Lv8: for the next 3 turns whenever you play an attack, your opponent depletes 2.
LoH PowerBadge
Lv8: Recover 2 Allies.
LoH SculptingBadge
Lv8: for the next 3 turns, Allies you play deal +2 damage.

Card Description

"Sally's powers are remarkable and, If I'm to be completely honest, terrifying. She can draw a person's innermost fear from their mind... That's why I've never sparred with her. There are some things in my head which should remain locked away there." -- Professor Helios

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