200 moxie

Moxie (Genesis, #200) is a Legendary Ally card with 6 Attack and 4 Shield. It has the Power badge.

Card Effect

Recover 4.

For the rest of the fight, Martial Attacks you play deal +1 damage.

When Moxie is depleted, for the next 2 turns, your Martial Attacks deal double damage.

Card Description

Maureen "Mo" Xie was once a Hong Kong beauty queen. But her life changed when gangsters kidnapped her, believing that they could make a fortune by holding a national treasure for ransom. This plan might have worked, if Moxie's powers hadn't manifested themselves -- imbuing her with ten times the strength, speed, and stamina of an Olympic athlete. The kidnappers were subjected to a brutal beating, and the beauty queen was subjected to a period of introspection.

She loved winning pageants, modeling, and making appearances before a dotting public. However, she now had the powers and thus the responsibility to do something greater...

Moxie still likes to look good, and sports a fetching tiara. But as a professor at the Phaeton Project, she can kick butt better than anyone else in the school. This sometimes surprises her students, who come to a rude awakening when their drop-dead gorgeous teacher turns out to be the most demanding they could have found.

Her StrongHarms, as they're known, train in the Harmory -- an underground complex filled with the most dangerous weapons imaginable. They're forced to wear targets on their chests, as a constant reminder that they need to toughen up if they want to graduate in one piece.

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