335 moxie genesis
Moxie Genesis

Moxie: Genesis (Tempus, #58) is an Epic Ally card with 5 Attack and 3 Shield.

Card Effect

Expend up to 3 WC. Your opponent depletes 2 and you recover 2 for each WC expended in this way.

On deplete, you gain 2 WC.

Card Description

It's hard to imagine Moxie, the woman who can bench-press a train or favor the cameras with a dazzling smile whilst catching a bus, being nervous and unsure -- let alone afraid. But she was terrified when the Red Poles abducted her. She knew their vicious reputation, and believed they'd kill her even if they got their ransom money.

When her powers manifested, and newfound strength coursed through her body, terror gave way to rage. Only after it had been sated, and she'd smashed her way to freedom, did the uncertainty return. Then she wondered who... what... she was. But the Genesis Squadron was there to help her find the answer.

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