Ms. Modulus mini
Ms. Modulus

Ms. Modulus (Mastermind set) is a Common Ally card with 5 Attack and 1 Shield. It has the MastermindReflex, and Sculpting badges.

Card Effect

If an attack deals damage to you, it deals no more than 2 damage.

Your Sculpting attacks for the next 2 turns, deal +4 damage.

Your next Reflex attack is unstoppable.

Card Description

The destruction of Phaeton's island base was almost apocalyptic. News networks played the footage for hour after hour, shocking the world with images of blazing titanium rods falling from the heavens and wreaking destruction of such magnitude that journalists likened it to the bombings of Dresden, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki during the Second World War.

But while the explosions were endlessly resurrected on television screens, gallons of newspaper ink flowed, and politicians babbled in every legislature on the planet, the true magnitude of what had happened was felt far deeper elsewhere. The Genesis Squadron lay shaken to its core by Helios' tragedy -- the man himself seemed a gaunt and desiccated shadow of the great friend and warrior the others had come to know.

Aloysius Zeroth saw all this, and he knew The Genesis Squadron might never recover. America might be left without its greatest heroes. He couldn't allow that to happen...

While Helios wept, Zeroth gathered a new team of Emergents. The Scarlet Tiger, Johnny Tinker, Iso-Man, and Codename: Soldier united around him as The Meanwhile Squadron -- their very name a taunt, designed to shame and spur The Genesis Squadron into action.

The criminal fraternity were quick to deride the replacement crime-fighting team, but equally quick to shut their mouths when their jaws started breaking. Big name villains who thought they could capitalize on The Genesis Squadron's absence found that The Meanwhile Squadron was more than a match for them.

During those turbulent days, Ms. Modulus became one of the new squadron's greatest and most dangerous foes. Her emerging powers had infused her flesh and bones with mercury, and all that element's properties. She could shift her body into a near-liquid state, flowing around the strongest attacks, or else shape her hands into giant drills with the hardness of cinnabar.

In the end she fell by the wayside, another name added to their tally. But she swore that one day she'd have her revenge on the man responsible for snatching away what should have become the golden age of villainy. Ms. Modulus was going to destroy Aloysius Zeroth.

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