Modulos header

Npc modulus

5 players

Only available from Dec. 6 through Dec. 10, 2012


Final score:
Normal Crisis
Deck Size
110 135
LoH SculptingBadge Firesculptor Sculpting
7 8
LoH MastermindBadge Villain Mastermind
6 8
LoH ReflexBadge Non-stop Reflex
7 9
LoH SculptingBadge Non-stop Sculpting
0 10
LoH ReflexBadge Strongharm Reflex
9 10
Energy Required
50 100
Bucks and Experience gained
900 Bucks and 80 xp 1800 Bucks and 160 xp
Craft Drops
Card and Item Drops

In addition, each player that earned 25,000+ Points in this event recieved the Title "Modulated".

Deck ListEdit

The enemy's deck has:

Card Normal Crisis
Big Stick 4
Faculty Mixer 4
Hard Headed 18
Key to the City 4
Knees and Elbows 4
Missing Each Other 6
Ms. Modulus 10
Shooting Gallery 4
Simple Tools 1
Some Say... 6
Stop Shooting Yourself 16
Strung Up 18
The Road to Hell 2
Wiggle Room 12
Wrecking Ball 12

Gallery Edit

Johnny vs Modulus

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