Name: Sally Sandstrom Race: Human
Group: Drama Club Signature power: Manifesting somebody's worst nightmare

Sally Sandstrom's fresh-faced eagerness hasn't diminished over the years. She remains as keen as ever to learn from The Phaeton Project's professors and impress them with her dedication and determination. But her powers have emerged and developed in rather remarkable ways. She gained power to control people's dreams and most terrible nightmares. Even The Abyss and Professor Helios are impressed with her new skills.

"Sally's powers are remarkable and, If I'm to be completely honest, terrifying. There are some things in my head which should remain locked away there." -- professor Helios

During Absolute Reckoning she joined Drama Club - thespian group made of ex-freshmen. Together with Afterimage and Cornerstone she fought a battle agains Absolute Zeroth, his supporters and The Schism itself.

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